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Welcome to Gathering Q&A.

A Gathering Q&A! The more questions asked, (and answered) the more characters are askable! Current askables: Nightmare (me) Rianne Terry Venom Acua Brill D Bubbles Titan Blackbeat II (Blackie) Frolic Percy Halley Illuvi Jupes (Jupiter) Glimmer Kitt Dexter Velvet Saturn Gabriel Colorpaw Matta Flint Kinetic Mystik Kiara Shadowe Illian MC Lorei Fae Super Special Characters: Maxwell


So, if you haven't yet,
I'll be back in a week to answer all the craziness that ensues.
That is, if craziness ensues.
Gosh, I really hope craziness ensues...

posted by WiispNightmare @ June 19th, 2016, 2:02 pm   11 comments

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