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Welcome to Gathering Q&A.

A Gathering Q&A! The more questions asked, (and answered) the more characters are askable! Current askables: Nightmare (me) Rianne Terry Venom Acua Brill D Bubbles Titan Blackbeat II (Blackie) Frolic Percy Halley Illuvi Jupes (Jupiter) Glimmer Kitt Dexter Velvet Saturn Gabriel Colorpaw Matta Flint Kinetic Mystik Kiara Shadowe Illian Super Special Characters: Maxwell


So, if you haven't yet,
I'll be back in a week to answer all the craziness that ensues.
That is, if craziness ensues.
Gosh, I really hope craziness ensues...

posted by WiispNightmare @ June 19th, 2016, 2:02 pm   11 comments

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